Transformers x Back to the Future Gigawatt Toy

It was here, alright. Was because, it’s all gone now. What is gone? Well, that would be a transforming DeLorean time machine, i.e. a Transformers with an alternate mode as a DeLorean. Yes. THE Delorean Time Machine as seen in the first the first two Back to the Future flicks.

Transformers x Back to the Future Gigawatt Toy

There has been rumor that there will be a Transformers x BTTF crossover for sometime now and it is finally happening, just in time for the defining time travel, sci-fi film’s 35th anniversary.

The crossover Transformers figure is Gigawatt which, if you are familiar with Transformers cartoons and toys, looks like a remold of Sideswipe (yes, Swipe has downgraded yet again, this time to a DMC), or Siege Sideswipe to be specific.

Transformers x Back to the Future Gigawatt Toy

In its disguise or alt-mode, as enthusiasts call it, the defining details of a DeLorean Time Machine is unmistakable. The same details can also be seen its robot mode. Details like the flux capacitor, the time machine consoles – complete with the dates and times, as well as the goggles which is nod to Doc Brown’s eyewear in the movie.

The Transformers x Back to the Future Gigawatt Toy is, sadly, a Walmart exclusive and last checked, all 1985 pieces have been snapped up. Well, that’s one brilliant way to bust your fans’ nuts, Hasbro. Way to go.

Transformers x Back to the Future Gigawatt Toy

But I will be honest. While I felt a little sore, I am not missing it. I am more of a masterpiece person, plus there’s something missing from this iconic movie ride. It lacks of the DMC branding.

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Apparently Universal Pictures Amblin Entertainment does not own that part of the vehicle. The branding, I believe, belongs to the new DeLorean owner which I think may have not stuck a deal with Hasbro and Universal yet.

I say ‘yet’ because, I am not surprise it will be a thing in future. Until then, no DMC branding, not a DeLorean.

Images: Instagram (@transformersofficial).

Source: TFW2005.