When your skills are in demand, you sometimes have your pick of cities in the world. So, where should you take your tech skills in order to benefit from the highest quality of life as well as great job opportunities.

Luckily, there are some amazing options out there!

6 Cities On The Rise For Expats With A Flair For Tech
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Santiago, Chile
Santiago has gained a reputation for being a tech capital in South America, and has even earned itself the nickname of “Chilecon Valley.”

This beautiful city offers all the personal benefits of low living costs, but has plenty of incentives for start-up tech companies. Another big pull for young tech workers is the expedited tech visa, which can give you working rights in as little as 15 days.

If you’ve got the skills, then there are major cities throughout the world who are looking for them, and Santiago is no different.

Porto, Portugal
Over in Europe, another city with a penchant for up-and-coming tech is Porto. As well as its beautiful river and port wine, Porto is also developing its name as a place where tech start-ups can thrive in a collaborative environment.

With initiatives such as the Porto Tech Hub, the city fosters a spirit of working together, and this has clearly worked for lots of small start-ups.

The amazing business opportunities are not the only reason to consider Porto; a great cost of living, beautiful scenery, and good weather are also attractive features—meaning you’ve got plenty to enjoy once the working day is over. Being part of the European Union means it’s also very connected, allowing you border-less access to many other countries.

Munich, Germany
Another European city with a rising name in tech, you might think of Munich and immediately picture beer, but this city has a little bit of everything.

In recent years, Munich has become a tech incubator—building its infrastructure and investing in growing its tech economy. This means there are great opportunities for tech expats to further their careers in this amazing city.

While you don’t quite have the weather of Portugal, Munich offers an excellent quality of life, and lots of opportunities to progress in the tech sector.

Toronto, Canada
Whenever you look at the lists of the most livable cities in the world, you’re likely to see Toronto feature somewhere near the top. Well, the great news is, it’s also a great tech hub as well, so you’re bound to be able to find plenty of opportunities.

30% of Canada’s IT firms reside in Toronto, and there’s even talk of a shortage of IT workers, which means businesses are eager to seek out talent from abroad.

Lifestyle wise, Toronto offers the best of both worlds, blending big-city living with the nature of Canada on your doorstep. Though you’re in the big city, you’re never too far from the wilds of Canada, which appeals to huge amounts of people.

For people coming from the US, it’s not too much of an upheaval, making it easy to transport your life over the border, and you can even get car shipping quotes so you can bring everything with you.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Another European city with a flair for tech, but once again, not one you associate with the same kind of weather as Portugal! This doesn’t stop the Danes from featuring as some of the most contented people in the world on many lists, though, and it turns out they have a thriving tech industry too.

The Danish IT industry has focuses in FinTech, green tech, and clean tech, and is one underpinned by progression. This means there are lots of jobs available for innovative people with good tech skills, and also lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

While some of the cities on our list are well known for a low cost of living, that’s not quite what you would say of Copenhagen, but if that’s not one of your primary concerns, then there’s a lot to love about this city.

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin is already home to some massive companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google, and this only increases its penchant for tech jobs.

With lots of tech jobs available, and many corporations tempted to the city by low corporation tax, there’s lots to like on the professional side. That’s definitely matched on a personal level, with a chilled-out yet vibrant environment that offers the best of both worlds.

Again, you’ve got Europe right on your doorstep, and great transport links, which helps make Dublin a great option for tech expats the world over.

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