One of the staples at auto shows, especially those in countries like China and Japan, are the beautiful ladies alongside the cars. The logic was simple: attract men who were perceived to be the bulk of the consumers. Beautiful models also draw lenses and the photos shared will generate buzz for automakers.

But times have changed. With a lot more women buying cars, some automakers started to offer cooking demonstrations, private tours, and male models to appeal to female attendees of the auto show. If you haven’t seen the latter, well, today we are going to open your eyes. Trust me. You probably did not prepare for what you are about to see.

In a certain car show in China, Great Wall MotorsOra EV had a male car model at its Ora Lightning Cat stand and it was more provocative than you can imagine.

While ladies just have to wear sexily, whether showing more skin or in a skin-tight outfit that leaves little to the imagination, male car models have to work harder, so to speak, to bring out the sex appeal.

To promote the new Panemera-like EV, it had a male model with a very sculpted body posing topless around the car.

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Now, my question is, ladies reading this. Will you be sold by attractive male models? Wait. Don’t answer that. I do not want the answer.

It feels weird seeing a man strutting around a car. But I supposed I should get used to it. After all, ladies do have the equal right to feast their eyes and so do our male friends who are into guys.

Anyhoo, as far as the Ora Lightning Cat goes, it is not the best looking but the interior though is gorgeous. It has a luxuriously appointed wrap-around cockpit with a lot of classic design elements that remind us of classic luxury cars.

It has a dual-motor setup, one on each axle, that produces a total of 300 kW (402 horsepower) and turns out 680 Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque, and wiped the century sprint in 4.3 seconds.

It is paired with an 83.5 kWh battery system that offers up to 705 km (438 miles) CLTC range, or 600 km (373 miles) for the 4WD model.

Images: Douyin (@茂名美轮欧拉).

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