In China Auto Show, There Was A Topless Male Model Posing Next To Ora Lightning Cat EV

One of the staples at auto shows, especially those in countries like China and Japan, are the beautiful ladies alongside the cars. The logic was simple: attract men who were perceived to be the bulk of the consumers. Beautiful models also draw lenses and the photos shared will generate buzz for automakers.

Great Wall Motors Show Off Slammed Supertruck Concept

What you see here is a concept pickup truck from China’s Great Walls Pickup. Billed as a super pickup truck, it is based on the brand’s “Pao” (loosely translates to “Cannon”) series of pickup trucks. Not a lot is known about this radical pickup truck concept, but the over-the-top aesthetics compelled us to share it …

China’s Shalong “Mecha Dragon” EV Has Angular Lines: The Electric Car Equivalent Of Cybertruck?

There have been product designs inspired by the geometric-shaped Cybertruck, but no automakers are keen on pursuing the geometric design language. Well, that is until now. Tesla Cybertruck won’t be the only straight edge, angular vehicle in the market in the near future because there’s the Shalong “Mecha Dragon” EV.

This Is China’s 2019 Ora R1, The World’s Most Affordable Electric Car

On last year’s Boxing Day, China automaker Great Wall Motors’ electric vehicle subsidiary, Ora, revealed a new electric car that could plunge China’s EV market into a price war. The said car, called 2019 Ora R1, is very competitively priced at 59,800-77,800 yuan (which works out to be around US$8,705-11,326), making it the world’s cheapest …