There is a three-way collaboration that will make sneaker collectors and fans of Gojira super excited. Godzilla, PUMA,  and Japanese streetwear brand Atmos have come together to celebrate the enduring legacy of Godzilla since its birth in 1954 and mark the release of Godzilla-1.0 on November 03.

Puma Suede VTG “Godzilla” atmos & Soft Vinyl Godzilla with SECRETBASE

The collaboration merges Godzilla‘s essence into PUMA’s classic SUEDE model [JP]. The design draws inspiration from the Godzilla imposter from the 1974’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, showcasing the moment when Mechagodzilla, designed by aliens, reveals its true identity while battling the real Godzilla.

The shoe design cleverly incorporates elements from this scene, with textures resembling the fake Godzilla‘s skin on the toe and tongue, and the form strip on the outside quarter symbolizing peeling skin and burning effects. On the inside, it features details mimicking the space titanium armor created by aliens, represented by reflectors and rivets.

Puma Suede VTG “Godzilla” atmos & Soft Vinyl Godzilla with SECRETBASE

Unique details include a gold-embossed original tag on the tongue and an insole engraved with the ‘GODZILLA×atmos×PUMA’ logo, signifying the collaboration’s authenticity. Additionally, the collaboration includes a Sofubi (soft vinyl) skeleton Godzilla designed by SECRETBASE, reminiscent of Godzilla’s fourth form in the movie “Shin Godzilla,” emitting atomic breath.

Available in Japan in purple, and internationally in blue, yellow, and red, the Sofubi Godzilla, which stands 30 cm (12 inches), reflects the bold coordination between SECRETBASE and atmos, combining the essence of this iconic character in a highly detailed design. Purchasers of the products will receive a special novelty bag as a gift too.

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Puma Suede VTG “Godzilla” atmos & Soft Vinyl Godzilla with SECRETBASE

The products were available for a draw on from November 3rd and for sale on atmos online starting November 10th for 55,000 yen (tax included) which is about US$368 based on the current going rate. Unfortunately, though, it appeared to be sold out. But are we even surprised?

Images: atmos [JP].

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