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iHeadphones FSL Zero Bluetooth HeadphonesiHeadphones FSL Zero Bluetooth Headphones | £59.99 | www.headphones.co.uk

Bluetooth technology is one of the greatest invention in this era. it enables us to go wireless, reducing our cable clutter and in the case of headphones, frees us from the eternal tangle frustration with cables. though the market isn’t particularly lack of Bluetooth-capable headphones, they are pretty pricey. however, the iHeadphones FSL Zero whipped out by British Bluetooth specialist Future Sound Lab is set to change that. along with an affordable price tag, the Zero promise to deliver distortion free audio with sound quality comparable to those of its wired counterparts. sporting a circumaural (aka around-ear), closed back design, the Zero is a lightweight Bluetooth headphone that delivers HD sound quality and features easily accessible control buttons on each ear cup, deep bass, detailed middle and high frequencies, advanced dual-damped sound balancing technology providing wide-bandwidth HD sound, rechargeable battery and integrated microphone for phone calls. yes, it will work with your smartphones, mobiles, as well as Skype and VoIP services. so exactly how affordable is the FSL Zero? well, it will only cost you £59.99 a pair to own, that’s about $93 in greenbacks. larger views follows after the break.

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