billed as the world’s first NFC keyboard, the Softpad C1 Foldable NFC Keyboard for Android smartphones by Norwegian company One2Touch uses NFC for swift pairing with your NFC-enabled Android smartphones and thru this close proximity wireless connection, equipping your Android smartphones with a full-size QWERTY keyboard. the Softpad C1 is foldable for easy storage and transportation and sports a device cradle that props up your smartphone at an angle up to five inches high. when fully open, it is has a small footprint suitable for use with airplane or train tray table and since it uses NFC connectivity, the Softpad C1 draws a minimal amount of battery from your smartphone.

One2Touch claims that the C1’s in-built lifelong requires no charging, but we are not entirely sure what it really means at all. the Softpad C1 Foldable NFC Keyboard for Android smartphones will be available soon, though no definite date was offered and price is yet-to-be-announced. it is said that this product is currently “in production” and will eventually dropping into the North American and European markets. as far as stateside is concerned, it would be probably be available through Brookstone, since the brand’s original keyboard, the Softpad S1, is already selling there. hit the jump for a product introduction video to learn more.

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