What would you do If you have a craving for pizza when you are all cosy up at home? Why, pick up a phone and dial for a pizza, of course, but this being 2017, you can also order it online, or with an app, or you can just squeeze the button on the tongue this pair of custom Pizza Hut ‘Pie Tops’ Limited Edition High-Top Sneakers. Yup. A pair of Pizza Hut kicks. To be honest, the design is less than stellar, but who cares when it can order a pizza for you, right? And what’s more, it does not get you just any pizza; it would get you a large two-topping pizza for a mere $7.99.

This $7.99 offer is only available for carryout or delivery and it is part of Pizza Hut’s special for March and April, but you are probably has less interest in the pizza at this point (even though you stomach maybe growling in protest) and more curious about this pair of sneakers and how can you get your hands on a pair. Unfortunately, there only 64 pairs were made (to match the 64-team field in March Madness, we heard) and they are mostly destined for “influencers” and “people in the media” (definitely not us, if you that’s what you are thinking), though a few pairs maybe allotted to a few lucky Pizza Hut fans. How? We have absolutely not idea.

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Anywho, the sneakers are handmade by legendary custom shoe maker, Shoe Surgeon, and as you may have already guessed, it connects to a dedicated app, or a Pie Tops app – to be more specific, not the regular Pizza Hut app, that will order the pizza for you when the button on the tongue is pressed. Pizza Hut even roped in former NBA star Grant Hill to tell you all about it:

But why Pizza Hut is doing this? Simple: a friendly reminder that you can order pizzas from Pizza Hut from across multiple devices and media. And that’s not mention that it serves as a regular ad to remind you of Pizza Hut and get people, us included, talking about it. So, I guess it is a win. Oh, there’s one more thing that we forgot to mention. The kicks use geolocation, so the pizza you ordered with the sneakers will be delivered to wherever you may be. Interesting…

Pizza Hut ‘Pie Tops’ Limited Edition High-Top Sneakers

Images: Pizza Hut.

via Adweek via The Chive.

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