Carrying your surfboard like a skateboard is so yesterday. The in thing now is to carry it on your back and the Koraloc Backpack for Carrying Surfboard is just the bag for this purpose.

Koraloc Backpack for Carrying Surfboard

Just look at it. Tell me that Koraloc Backpack isn’t a cool way to transport a surfboard other than having it on the side of a motorcycle or on the roof of a Land Rover Defender.

The only down side we see is accessibility when carrying a surfboard on your back will be somewhat limited. Like, you know, you can’t get into some buildings and don’t even try the subway.

Koraloc Backpack for Carrying Surfboard

But Koraloc Backpack for Carrying Surfboard will be perfect for carrying your trusty wave rider when heading to remote surf spots where nothing is overhead standing in the surfboard and your way.

The benefit is obvious; you’d free up both of your hands to do whatever you wish. Like, perhaps cycling? Carrying the much-needed cooler? You know, things like that.

Koraloc Backpack for Carrying Surfboard

Believe it or not, it can carry up to three surfboards on each bag. Well, apparently it can – that’s if the weight doesn’t gets you first. And weight it definitely will have because, this bag is also good for a laptop – thanks to dedicated laptop pocket as well as a bunch of other pockets within its 29L space for other stuff.

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The bag also features an adjustable waist belt with pocket, adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable noise and tail wrap, and adjustable wax guard/change mat.

Koraloc Backpack for Carrying Surfboard

You know what I am thinking? This backpack is perfect for showing of the Louis Vuitton x Alex Israel surfboard. With it, everyone behind can clearly make out that the wave rider you’re using is not just any surfboard; it’s a LV touched by the multimedia artist.

Better yet. This US$199 backpack is not limited to transporting surfboards; it is good for holding beach chairs, and other boards from other board sports including snowboards and wakeboards.

Koraloc Backpack for Carrying Surfboard
Koraloc Backpack for Carrying Surfboard

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