as far as men are concerned, there’s really isn’t much to a ring, which means it is something we could live without. however, if there is one ring that could to do more than just adorning our fingers, then we suppose we could seriously considering them as a necessity. do more as in doubling as a multi-tool, or perhaps, tell time? the latter is exactly what the Ring Clock is about. you did not read it wrong – thanks to the technological advancements, a thing as tiny as ring could now double as a watch. a ring watch, if you may, but the maker is calling it the Ring Clock. originally a concept born two years ago by designer Gusztav Szikszai, it is now to become a reality, well, almost.

crafted from 316L surgical-grade stainless steel, the Ring Clock features ultrathin mono-color LED (blue as standard; orange as an option) to tell time. rotating the ring activates the light which is powered by a super thin rechargeable lithium polymer battery that’s good for up to one week of usage. a built auto off feature ensures the battery longevity, but with continuous usage, expect it last no longer then 2 hours (seriously, we can’t really expect much out of a 6mAh battery, can we?). recharging is via a sleek Qi wireless charger pad, which is also the platform for setting the time for the Ring Clock.

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the folks behind Ring Clock is seeking your help to make the product a reality through crowdfunding platform INDIE GOGO. you can show your support by making a pledge of $195 or more. however, Ring Clock has chosen the fixed funding scheme, which means this ring will only see the light of production if the set funding goal is met. even if it eventually hits the target, you will be expecting shipment in April 2014 – and that’s for the first batch of 1,500-2,000 pieces, while the rest will be looking at July 2014 delivery.

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