Razer Athleisure Instinct Collection And Nomad Duffel Bag

Not all gamers are active by nature but for those who are, Razer has just the right gear for you. The company that builds its foundation on “for gamers by gamers” is determined to have all bases covered, including gamers who are sporty by nature, with the new Razer Athleisure Instinct Collection and Nomad Duffel Bag.

Razer Athleisure Instinct Collection

The former is the brand’s first athleisure release for active gamers. The collection is basically sportswear that is good as a casual wear too. If you get the jive. The Nomad Duffel Bag is not just for active by-nature gamers. It is the ultimate companion for any gamers who are on the go.

“The Instinct Collection was conceived with fashion and functionality and offers versatility to gamers. Ensuring all day comfort, the athleisure wear is made with breathable, two and four ways stretch, lightweight, fabric. The fabric is also sweat wicking, keeping gamers dry and cool through those intense work outs or gaming sessions.”

Razer Nomad Duffel Bag

As you may have already seen, the collection is highly recognizable with the Razer black and green colors, with subtle hints at the brand’s THS logo, wordmark, and tagline.

The collection has both sexes covered and they are as follows:

  • Razer Athleisure – Instinct Sports Bra: US$79.99
  • Razer Athleisure – Instinct Tank Top: US$59.99
  • Razer Athleisure – Instinct High-Rise Leggings: US$79.99
  • Razer Athleisure – Instinct Tank: US$59.99
  • Razer Athleisure – Instinct Tee: US$59.99
  • Razer Athleisure – Instinct Shorts: US$69.99
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The Razer Instinct Collection is available now.

Razer Athleisure Instinct Collection And Nomad Duffel Bag

Meanwhile, the Nomad Duffel Bag offers a spacious carry for folks who on-the-move. It features a water-repellent construction, and a dual mesh pocket with a cord stopper. Since it is a bag designed by gamers for gamers, the bag features multiple easily accessible internal slip pockets for organizing your gaming gears. Other features include a two-way carry with detachable shoulder straps and elastic fastening bands for loading extra gear.

The Razer Nomad Duffel Bag is a North American market exclusive. It is available now for US$69.99.

All images courtesy of Razer.