there are the Battlefield gamers and there are the rich Battlefield gamers who won’t bat an eyelid forking out 50 bucks for those golden battlepacks so they won’t have to earn them the old school way i.e. slugging your way through the various campaigns and missions. but 50 bucks ain’t going to say a lot about your wealth, unless you snag this limited edition BF4 battlepack print that is hand-embellished and gilded with real 24-carat gold leaf and gold paint. this $2,500 print (yes, it is 2.5 Gs that we talking about here) is offered with a matching gold colored metal frame, though not plated in 24-carat gold like the print, and is available through art dealers Cook & Becker. this ultimate in gaming opulence was created from high-res render by EA DICE studio artists and has a limited run of just 10 copies.

each print will be hand-numbered and comes with the much needed Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist and Master Printer. the print is Certified Art Giclee, so you can be sure that you are the best quality print possible. we know 2,500 dollars is not a small sum, but still, we are pretty sure there are more than ten filthy rich, hardcore Battlefield 4 fans who are willing to stake their money on it – even if it doesn’t help them in the game in anyway. perhaps, Cook & Becker could collaborate with EA to throw the 50 bucks in-game gold battlepack with this purchase? well, we are just saying…

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Gold Plated Battlefield 4 Battlepack Print

Cook & Becker via Ubergizmo

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