Move over, Balenciaga. Gucci is here to take over the rein as the label with wacky fashion pieces. At the fashion label’s SS20 runway show, Gucci has show off some seriously loony fashion pieces.

Gucci Weird Fashion Pieces SS20

Stand out loony pieces include a Gucci pillow backpack, an arm-worn lipstick holster, and an oversized eyewear with oversized chains to boot. I am not even kidding. These are real stuff Gucci is dishing out.

While we can see the usefulness of a lipstick holster (though not practical, save for makeup artist) and the fashion “shock value” of the oversize eyewear and oversized chains, we cannot say the same pillow backpack.

Gucci Weird Fashion Pieces SS20

What is it really for, Gucci? For vagabond? For on-the-go sleep when you are stranded in a train station or the airport? Well, if that’s the case, I bet Viktor Navorski would kill for one.

Folks, welcome to the weird and wacky world of designer fashion. I guess some Hollywood sci-fi movies were spot on when the movies depicted some seriously mind-boggling fashion sense and fashion accessories. The Hollywood prophecy is coming true, people.

Gucci Weird Fashion Pieces SS20

Images: Instagram (gucci).

Source: Zula.

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