Since we are on the topic of Medicom’s [email protected], fans of Netflix’s Korea thriller Squid Game may want to know that the masked characters from the show have been [email protected] too.

BEARBRICK x Squid Game Figures

Available are the “FRONTMAN” figure in his charcoal getup and the distinctive geometric shape mask (represented by shades of grayscale colors here) and the “GUARD” in a hooded red outfit and with screen-masked faces.

The GUARD is available in a choice of Circle, Triangle, and Square design on the screen-masked face. The branding of the show can be found on both the FRONTMAN and the GUARD figures.

BEARBRICK x Squid Game Figures

The [email protected] x Squid Game FRONTMAN is available in 1000% and as a 400% + 100% set for 63,800 yen and 16,500 yen, (or US$511 and US$132 from MCT Tokyo) respectively.

The [email protected] x Squid Game GUARD is also available in 1000% for 63,800 yen or US$511 as well as 400%+100% for 16,500 yen or US$132.

BEARBRICK x Squid Game Figures

The BEARBRICK x Squid Game Figures will drop in late August 2022. Pre-order is happening on and on

All images courtesy of Medicom Toy [JP].

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