Louis Vuitton Apple AirPods Case

At a glance, it may appear that Parisian fashion house Louis Vuitton is also into selling tiny handbag, but in reality, the miniature LV suitcase you see here is actually a case for Apple AirPods.

No, wait. It is not quite a case; it is more like a bag for your Apple AirPods. In case, you prefer not to hang your AirPods charging case in a stylish manner and prefer the luxury and exaggerated route, this Louis Vuitton Apple AirPods Case is for you.

The case/miniature suitcase was spotted by Elle Taiwan team when they hit up Paris to check out Louis Vuitton 2020 Spring/Summer collection. There are no further details other than it exists. Then again, these images are enough to say what it has to offer.

Basically, it is a cutesy version of LV signature suitcase, complete with gold hardware, a gold chain for lugging it around in style, and locking mechanism to keep the luggage shut.

Something tells me that this will be a fad for richie rich ladies out there (who didn’t Apple AirPods is ugly as hell).

Images: Instagram (elletaiwan).

Source: Zula.