WOS – Wall Of Sound by Brothers

WOS - Wall Of Sound by Brothers iPod Speaker
(photos: WOS) WOS – Wall Of Sound by Brothers | from US$4,495.00 | www.thewosexperience.com

among us, there are those who believe that their iPods are destined for bigger things and for these folks, the next (logical) big step in making that belief a reality is probably getting a larger-than-life sound dock to go with their iPod – an iPod speaker system so huge that it will make any regular sound dock in the market seems paltry. meet WOS – Wall Of Sound by Brothers, a colossal size sound dock that measures a mind-boggling 950mm x 1250mm x 300mm and weights a hefty 102 kilograms (about 225 pounds). besides its unmistakable heft, this handcrafted beast features 28 elements and tube amplified power that endows it with graceful mids and a crystal clear highs. it may look like just any other rectangular-styled speaker system but make no mistake that the WOS is entirely hand built, reeking with human touch and thus bringing the listening closer to its craftsmen. the WOS – Wall Of Sound by Brothers is now in its second generation and it is available for pre-order with an opulent price tag starting from $4,495.

WOS - Wall Of Sound by Brothers iPod Speaker

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