Teak Bath – handcrafted Teak bathtub

Teak Bath
(photos: The Water Monopoly) Teak Bath | £6,200.00 | www.watermonopoly.com

who doesn’t love a good soak in the tub after toiling a day away at work? we know each of us absolutely do (separately, of course) and would be even more looking forward to it if the tub is as inviting as the Teak Bath. each tub is handcrafted from teak wood using traditional methods in the Highlands in Scotland by a boat builder, which further assure you that it is build to withstand your daily soak routine. measuring a generous 1790mm x 750mm, this beautiful bath would feel right at home in any resort-style bathroom setup. and the price? it would set you back at a bank-breaking £6,200 or US$9,836, based on the current going rate and that’s just for the tub, hardware is not included. add £500 (about US$793) for waste and overflow fittings. so as you would have imagined, a whole set up without labor would probably set you back at more than £6,700 (about US$10,629).

The Water Monopoly via The Fancy

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