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You Don’t Need To Swim In Gold Coins To Show You Are Rich, Just Dip Inside This $38K Bathtub Will Do

In the fictional world of Scrooge McDuck, the filthy rich, elderly duck swims in a vault of gold coins, but here in the real world, humans who are equally ridiculously rich have to content with immersing themselves in luxury with the Alvarae La Baignoir Carbon Luxury Bathtub cos’ swimming in a vault of gold coins is not humanly possible, but why is this thing luxury, you ask? Because, this striking bathtub cost a freaking $37,900! That’s why. Continue reading You Don’t Need To Swim In Gold Coins To Show You Are Rich, Just Dip Inside This $38K Bathtub Will Do

Teak Bath – handcrafted Teak bathtub

Teak Bath
(photos: The Water Monopoly) Teak Bath | £6,200.00 | www.watermonopoly.com

who doesn’t love a good soak in the tub after toiling a day away at work? we know each of us absolutely do (separately, of course) and would be even more looking forward to it if the tub is as inviting as the Teak Bath. each tub is handcrafted from teak wood using traditional methods in the Highlands in Scotland by a boat builder, which further assure you that it is build to withstand your daily soak routine. measuring a generous 1790mm x 750mm, this beautiful bath would feel right at home in any resort-style bathroom setup. and the price? Continue reading Teak Bath – handcrafted Teak bathtub

Splinter Works Vessel – Hammock Bath Tub

Splinter Works Vessel - Hammock Bath Tub
(photos: Splinter Works) Splinter Works Vessel | US$tba | www.splinterworks.co.uk

to ordinary folks, hammock and bathtub has no absolute relation but UK-based design studio managed to combine these two seemingly unrelated objects into a beautiful and uniquely different bathtub, dubbed the Vessel. drawing its inspiration from a suspended hammock and taking advantage of the strength that yields from high tech material such as carbon fiber, the team has created an unique bathtub that will literally elevate your bathing experience. finally, stainless steel hardware and gold leaf are added to further improved its overall aesthetic. the end result is a one of the kind bathtub that will probably make you want to spend your time bathing. Continue reading Splinter Works Vessel – Hammock Bath Tub

N°1 by Corcel – do bathtub really needs to be in carbon fiber?

Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub 544x360px
(credit: Corcel) Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub | €tba | www.corcel.eu

why am i asking this question? because, there exist a bathtub that is crafted out from carbon-fiber material and it is not just any carbon fiber material but the best that its maker, Germany-based Corcel, can find. the firm described it as “an object of desire offering clean lines, generous space and distinctive character. magical attraction not only for your eye.” i won’t argue with that because i was totally drawn to it despite it (the bathtub) breaks the tradition of bathtub making by using a material that is predominately used in the automotive industry. there’s an unexplainable aura about this black thing that holds 330-liters of liquid – it feels sophisticated and at the same time it has a dark sinister feel about it. i don’t know, i can’t make anything out of it. simply put, i just can’t take my eyes off it, yet i don’t know why. Continue reading N°1 by Corcel – do bathtub really needs to be in carbon fiber?

Baby Care: Cleanwater Baby Bathtub with Temp Reading

Cleanwater Baby Bathtub with Temp Reading 544x408px
(credit: ThinkGeek) Cleanwater Baby Bathtub with Temp Reading | US$89.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

except for a few rare occasions, i usually don’t post about baby care products but this particular item, dubbed as Cleanwater Baby Bathtub with Temp Reading is looking pretty high-tech to warrant for a mention here. like the name suggest, it is a bathtub for your little ones that features a fresh water reservoir that holds the clean water, ready to replace the dirty water as it drains out. ensuring that your baby is squeaky clean. you know what they say, a clean baby, is a happy baby. actually, i made that up. Continue reading Baby Care: Cleanwater Baby Bathtub with Temp Reading

Mosaic Sweden classic bathtub is of mosaics and lion’s feet

Mosiac Sweden bathtub
Mosaic Sweden Bathtub | US$na | www.mosaicsweden.se

we are not even sure if this is available commercially yet, due to our lack of knowledge in Swedish language. but one thing we do know is this beautiful bathtub was showcased along with a series of mosaics for floors and walls in the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair. nevertheless, this is one exquisite bathtub that embodies the elegance and sophistication of the old world charm. this standalone bathtub with lion’s feet as its footings, has its exterior covered in mosaic pattern conjured up by Swedish designers Emily Solklippa & Hanna Wsetin-Skogh. captured in the mosaic pattern is the Swedish summer flowers as the main theme and “was based in the desired for a pattern associated with happiness and joy,” says Emily & Hannah.

click on the image after the break to view a bigger image of this wonderful bathtub as well as a sample of mosaic patterns from Mosaic Sweden.

Mosaic Sweden via Born Rich

imagine bathing with sharks with this elegant Shark Bath

Shark Bath by Michael Samoriz for Umbra Design 600x500px
we are a huge fan of everything beautiful, and this beautiful and somewhat futuristic bathtub designed by Michael Samoriz for Umbra Design, had us in an instant. if only all things in life is as beautiful as this. inspired by the oral cavity of the magnificent predator of the sea and aptly named the Shark Bath, the cradle with handle-like tub features an overhead shower system and additional jet sprays situated on the inside of the ‘handle’. we are totally captivated by the Shark Bath not withstanding the fear we still have 36-years after JAWS. build it please! Continue reading imagine bathing with sharks with this elegant Shark Bath

shower unit turns into a bathtub just like a tulip bloom

Tulip Bathtub and Shower Unit
not everyone has the luxury of space at home, especially city dwellers. increasing population in the city results in smaller homes, hence everything else within has to downsize, including our bathrooms. having small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to live without the good old bathtub. what if you can summon a bathtub when you fancy and stow it away when you are not using it?

this is exactly what designer Piotr Pyrtek has in mind for the Tulip Bathtub and Shower Unit. designed with small bathrooms in mind, this unit sits compactly upright as a shower unit with a silhouette resembling a tulip flower. when you feel like a good bath, a portion of the unit flips down and you have a glass bathtub complete with underwater jets, hydromassager and programmable sequences to take the stress of your day away.

though the unit was inspired by nature, but it look unmistakably futuristic. we love it. we say built it. it is a fresh change to see ‘futuristic’ design for our everyday stuff other than vehicles. don’t you think so? we will need a tulip-inspired wash basin to go with this.

via Yanko Design