shower unit turns into a bathtub just like a tulip bloom

Tulip Bathtub and Shower Unit
not everyone has the luxury of space at home, especially city dwellers. increasing population in the city results in smaller homes, hence everything else within has to downsize, including our bathrooms. having small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to live without the good old bathtub. what if you can summon a bathtub when you fancy and stow it away when you are not using it?

this is exactly what designer Piotr Pyrtek has in mind for the Tulip Bathtub and Shower Unit. designed with small bathrooms in mind, this unit sits compactly upright as a shower unit with a silhouette resembling a tulip flower. when you feel like a good bath, a portion of the unit flips down and you have a glass bathtub complete with underwater jets, hydromassager and programmable sequences to take the stress of your day away.

though the unit was inspired by nature, but it look unmistakably futuristic. we love it. we say built it. it is a fresh change to see ‘futuristic’ design for our everyday stuff other than vehicles. don’t you think so? we will need a tulip-inspired wash basin to go with this.

via Yanko Design

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