are these leaked images of the rumored iPad 2?

Leaked iPad images img1 544px
(image credit: M.I.C. Gadget)

if you haven’t seen or heard, there were some ‘leaked images’ of the rumored iPad 2 circulating around the net. it appeared to be some ‘mockup’ images rather than real images but then again, mockup or real model it is sure looking good. the supposedly 2nd generation iPad will spot a flat back therefore, we users won’t have to suffer with wobbly wobble like the first generation iPad. we secretly wish the next iteration will have high-res IPS panel that will support full HD.

meanwhile, regardless of real of bluff, here are some images for your to savor.

images bar 150x67 Leaked iPad images img2 544px Leaked iPad images img3 544px Leaked iPad images img4 544px

via M.I.C.Gadget

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