Some people are good at drawings using traditional writing instruments while some flair better with digital ink on touch-enabled devices. If you belongs to latter, then you may be interested in this upcoming desktop gadget, simply called Plotter. Plotter is, well, a plotter. It is like a printer, only more alive in a sense that it plots out your designs and art – with precision – onto papers of all gradients and thickness. So, you must be thinking, “then what’s the difference between a plotter and a regular printer?” Well, with Plotter, you have one major difference: the “ink” is virtually any marking instruments you desire, be it pencil, pen, or even glitter pen.

Plotter The Ultimate Design Assistant For Everyone by Thus & Also Technologies

Now, surely, you can’t do that with a regular printer, can you? This means you can translate your digital work of art onto paper in accordance to your envisioned artistic direction. Brilliant? Perhaps. I see Plotter as an quintessential artist’s equipment. For artists who want to translate their digital artworks onto tangible paper without losing the human touch which is part of the reasons that drives the company to developed Plotter. According to an email attention to us, Plotter explains:

“In this digital age, we agree that getting your work known as a professional creator is relatively easier than the past. But that also means that in the race to create art quickly, we are missing out on the personal touch that is essential for any piece of art of superior quality.”

Plotter The Ultimate Design Assistant For Everyone by Thus & Also Technologies

The email went on to say that the Plotter is here to solve the problem (of lack of personal touch and producing art at speed) from the get-go, adding that “it (Plotter) removes all chances of human error, while keeping the personal, human touch intact.” Beyond what we have written so far, little is known about this upcoming piece of gadget, but one critical thing we do know is, it will be hitting up Kickstarter sometime this month and also, if you want one for under a hundred bucks, it is suggested that you subscribe the product’s newsletter so you could be among the first to know about the launch. In the mean time, here’s a teaser video to wet your appetite.

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Images courtesy of Plotter.

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