if you are in market for a camera kit that saves you hassle of hunting of lenses (and still want interchangeable lens), then you might interested in the Pentax Q7 Premium Kit. it is the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera system we saw last year, but comes packed with four high-performance lenses, along with a slew of accessories all wrapped in an exclusive package. the kit includes a black-on-black Pentax Q7, four lenses (standard prime, standard zoom, telephoto zoom, wide zoom) and four hoods (three plastic plus one metal), a polarizing filter – all comes packed in a special kit box. no wooden box here though, but it does come with a pretty neat looking camera bag that can easily swallow up a Q7 with standard zoom lens fitted, plus up to five interchangeable Q-mount lenses.

additionally, the standard prime and standard zoom lenses are given a black coating treatment similar to the included camera, and the metal hood also receive the same treatment to match with the standard prime lens. accessories and aesthetics aside, the Pentax Q7 is still the same Q7 you have read about with features including a 7 ounces body packed with a 1 1/7 inch BSI CMOS image sensor, high sensitivity shooting up to ISO 12,800 and enhanced Q ENGINE. limited to just 1,000 units worldwide, the Pentax Q7 Premium Kit is set to hit the market later this month (April) and will set you back at $1,199.95 per kit.

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Pentax Q7 Premium Kit

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