Disregarding the fact that it is downright hideous, the Apple AirPods is actually almost perfect (as with most wireless earbuds that aren’t actually ugly) if not that it is still very much tethered whenever you need to charge the charging case. Alas, the world ain’t perfect. But, but… one individual by the name of Sameer Bhutani has taken upon himself to take Apple AirPods a step closer to being perfect and he is doing it with a gadget accessory called PowerPod Case.

PowerPod Case is a silicone case that empowers your AirPods charging case with the goodness of tethered-free charging while keeping your charging case scratch-free. Well, at least most of it anyways. Unfortunately, the world has yet to see a solution to the still-tethered wireless charging pad, but rest assure we are almost there. Almost. For now, Sameer’s PowerPod appears to be a slight (and only) relief to your (wired) charging woe.

However, it is not without its caveat; it is a Kickstarter campaign and therefore, it needs to be funded to even have any possibility of production and then, there is the timeline, which won’t see delivery until July. By then, Apple probably would have an official solution. You see? That’s the problem of funding tech product: it gets obsolete way quickly. In any case if you are undaunted, then you may want to consider hitting up the product campaign page to show the PowerPod Case a little love. It’s just a suggestion, though; we are not saying that you should, btw. Just saying…

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Images: Sameer Bhutani.

via The Verge.

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