the main problem with most iPhone stands in the market today is flexibility; which means either you can’t use it with a case on, or it can’t be use with other small iDevices such as the iPad mini. the Twelve South HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini solves that two inflexibilities all at one go. we have seen tons of stands for iPhone and this is by far the most flexible: it can accommodate any Lightning connector-equipped small iDevices, up to the iPad mini and it is totally case-friendly – it will take anything from a naked device to bulky case like the OtterBox Defender anytime – plus, it has the usual killer look that’s synonymous with Twelve South’s products. there’s a catch though: it does not come with the Lightning connector. you will need to use your own Lightning cable, but that shouldn’t be a biggie cos’ most iDevice users would have more than one cable.

when docked, the Twelve South HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini elevates your iDevice to a comfortable level suitable for FaceTime, handsfree calls, or simply just for charging and while it is there, you will have unobstructed access to the headphone jack and the stand will not interfere with the speakers’ performance in any way. it sure sounds like Twelve South might have hit the sweet spot of what a stand should be. the Twelve South HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini can be yours now for $34.99 a pop. scroll down for a few more product look and a self-explanatory product video to learn more.

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