there was a little “side announcement” when Motorola unveiled the Moto X last week and it was a collaboration speaker by SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola, dubbed as the DECK Wireless Speaker. honestly, we are not digging its look, but on paper, it has pretty impressive stuff going under the fancy hued, thin wireless speaker. powered by the R2 Sound Engines, bolstered by a bass port and a high-watt amplifier, the DECK Wireless Speaker features a 360-degree Full Sound ensuring that the music reaches out in all direction and an Outdoor Mode, activated at a press of a button, enables the sound to travel even further. the Outdoor Mode is a much needed feature as this little guy here has a Super Power Wireless range of an incredible 300 feet or about 91 meters which is about the length of a standard soccer field.

other features include Heist Mode where up to five people to part to the speaker simultaneously and take turn to play DJ, Bluetooth connectivity, NFC for “Tap and Play”, backlit logo, built-in lithium-ion battery, daisy-chain capable, and finally, like most portable wireless speakers in the market, the DECK also moonlight as a speakerphone for taking calls. coming soon in four colorways (Lemon Lime, Gunmetal, Electro Blue HD and Vivid Red) with a sticker of $199.99 to its name. hit the jump for a few more look.

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