why strap on an action cam on your helmet when you can have it integrated into the helmet? really. this is what the BULT Digital Helmets has to offer: an extreme sport helmet that is both CPSC- and ASTM-certified, and featuring a HD 720 progressive scan camera for up to 1,280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps videoing with a 120-degree wide angle lens and capable of capturing 5MP still photos. a built-in 8GB microSD card lets you stored up to 60 minutes of video actions. with the HD camera, the BULT Digital Helmet becomes the first sports helmet with built-in HD video camera, eliminating the need for strap-on camera that adds weight and imbalance, and not to mention resulting in a somewhat awkward aesthetic and to some extend, a protruding add-on might affect your aerodynamic in an even where speed is essential.

other features include four-way adjustable lens, a simple two-button control, on/off indicator light, and USB connectivity for downloading the capture footages and stills. the said model is dubbed as the VHX3, but there is also a entry-level model known as the VHX1 with 100-degree wide angle lens and records at 640 x 480 resolution at 30 fps. being an entry-level model, it has significantly less storage capacity, at 2GB for up to 30 minutes of recording time. further down the road, C-Preme, BULT Digital Helmets maker, will also be offering a VHX5 model which will boast a 127-degree wide angle lens and record Full HD (@ 60 fps) and takes 10MP stills. you can’t get another better than this: a sport head gear that gives you the protection that your head needs and also capable of executing an action cam duties. awesome. check out a video of the BULT Digital Helmets in action below.

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BULT Digital Helmets - How it works

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