Being this tiny, users are not only losing Apple AirPods. The case is at risk and has been misplaced too. There are few solutions out there that will prevent the latter from happening, but to date, there are none that are as clean and minimal as Jura Anchor.

Jura Anchor for Apple AirPods

From the founder of olloclip, Jura Anchor is a patent-pending “anchor” that snaps neatly onto the case’s Lightning port and, together with a specially designed titanium carabiner, lets you attach the AirPod case to just anywhere of your choosing (belt, backpack or whatever).

The idea of Jura Anchor is NOT to mar the clean, minimal look of the Apple AirPod case, but rather, to compliment it. From looks of it, it is working pretty well as far as aesthetic goes.

Jura Anchor for Apple AirPods

I know what you are thinking. Will Jura Anchor accidentally disconnect from the AirPod case? I think it might, but its creators assure us that you do need an intentional tug to detach Jura Anchor from the case and any accident disconnection should not happen. From the horse’s mouth:

Our proprietary connector maximizes Anchor’s attachment strength without doing harm to your AirPods.  We have tested, measured and analyzed.  In fact, Anchor can support more than 15x the weight of AirPods and Charging Case.  Gravity alone will not detach Anchor from your AirPods, swinging forcefully or pulling with intent will.

Jura Anchor for Apple AirPods

But lets be realistic. Almost anything that is not fastened has the risk of being detached if it happens to be snagged and opposing force is exerted. So, Jura Anchor is may not fool proof, but I have to say it might be the solution if you want to keep your AirPod case close to you and not marring the minimal style the designer has intended.

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If you are keen, you can help to make Jura Anchor for Apple AirPods a reality by backing the product on Kickstarter. Prices start at $19 and if it does get funded, it will be delivered sometime in November 2019.

All images courtesy of Jura Anchor.

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