Have you heard of Muroexe? No? Well then, perhaps it is time for you to take notice because, the Madrid-based shoe maker makes some pretty gorgeous kicks. Its latest is this: Muroexe Pathfinder Travel Sneakers. Not to be confused with Nissan’s trusty SUV, but if you really think about it, they share pretty similar concepts like going places.

Muroexe Pathfinder Travel Sneakers

Muroexe said Pathfinder is 2 times lighter than “any other sneaker in the market.” In addition, it is made to last, breathable and water resistance. OK. Maybe the latter is most important only to me. I will never forget the yucky feeling of walking into Capitol Hill in water-soaked shoes several years ago – thanks to a sudden downpour.

I really dig the idea of NOT a ‘quick dry’ sneaker, but a ‘never wet’ sneaker. Seriously, a pair of kicks should never be soaked to begin with. The water repelling upper is the part that is made out of recycled plastic bottles with each pair of Pathfinders using around 10 plastic bottles. And the sneakers are 100 percent animal-free too.

Muroexe Pathfinder Travel Sneakers

Other standout features include antibacterial TPU insole with upgraded memory foam technology, EVA outsole for comfortable wear and cushioning, anti-slip rubber grip, and very importantly for travelers, it can packed down like a sandwich and yet it will not loose its shape when unpacked.

If you like, you can pick up the Muroexe Pathfinder Travel Sneakers as a pre-order on Kickstarter for €79-99 (about US$87-109) a pair. The campaign has already met its funding goal and so it is a pre-order which will be fulfilled in February 2020. Skip ahead for a quick pitch video to learn more.

Images courtesy of Muroexe.

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