Over her 63 years in existence, the look and styling of Barbie have changed many times and so has her home which was first introduced 3 years after the doll, in 1962. That’s right. Barbie was a homeowner since 1962. Her humble abodes – if you can them humble – ranges from her first mid-century cardboard studio to her post-COVID-19 pod. She is probably the doll with the most house owned.

Barbie Dreamhouse An Architectural Survey Book

Anyhoo, celebrating the many houses that this world-renowned doll has owned is this literature: Barbie Dreamhouse An Architectural Survey Book. This 152-page limited-run edition collectible book showcases six of Barbie’s most exemplary houses of the last 60 years.

Curated and conceptualized by PIN-UP Magazine’s Felix Burrichter, Whitney Mallett, and Ben Ganz, the book features photographs, original blueprints, ideas, stories, and conversations that tell the evolution of Barbie’s Dreamhouse, architecture, and design. Also included are interviews with celebrated architects, designers, and artists.

Barbie Dreamhouse An Architectural Survey Book

We love how the book is presented in a very mid-century, minimalistic styling, It is an all-pink book with some texts giving you a rough idea of what is within.

The book is absolutely gorgeous and a must-have for any Barbie fans but there is just one problem. It has a limited run of just 200 copies and it has all been spoken for. Bummer. The asking price was US$75 btw. At this price and just 200 copies, it cannot see how it will not be snapped up promptly.

Barbie Dreamhouse An Architectural Survey Book

All images courtesy of Mattel.

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