Mattel Introduces Three Iconic Pixar’s Characters, Including Woody, Wall-E And The Elusive Bird From Up

Pixar fans, fall in. This is one big piece of news you want to hear about. Mattel has revealed three new Spotlight Series figures from three of its most popular animated movies, namely, Woody from Toy Story, Wall-E from Wall⋅E, and the super lovable, elusive South American bird, Kevin and her 3 babies from Up.

Fisher-Price Chatter: The First “Mobile” Phone Returns As A Real Mobile Phone For Adults

The classic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is making a comeback. However, it is not back to entertain toddlers 12 to 36 months of age. It has returned as a Bluetooth device for grown-ups, to be paired with a smartphone so you can use it to make calls like the good’ol days.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch’s Greta Is Fugly, But This Greta Doll From Mattel Is Not

Great, the annoying and yet sometimes hilarious nemesis from the second Gremlins movie, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, is fugly. It, like the rest of the Gremlins, has a face only a mother could love. But the latest Gremlins creation by Mattel isn’t fugly. In fact, it is the opposite. It actually looks pretty and …

IWC x Hot Wheels Racing Works Collector’s Set Comes Presented In A Metal Toolbox

Calling car enthusiasts who also appreciate a good timepiece and who have a lot of money. Swiss luxury watchmaker, IWC Schaffhausen has partnered with Hot Wheels to release the IWC x Hot Wheels Racing Works Collector’s Set that comes with a die-cast classic race car and a beautiful timepiece.

Hot Wheels RC The Batman Batmobile Has An Animatronic Batman Inside The Cockpit

Never mind that the new Batmobile that we will see in the 2022 Batman movie looks just like a regular muscle car that is ready to hit the drag strip because businesses are looking at ways to market its toy to you. Joining LEGO Technic The Batman Batmobile is a remote control The Batman Batmobile …

Mattel’s Mega Is Serving Up A Brick Built Tesla Cybertruck With Over 3,000 Pieces

With three RC trucks based on Tesla Cybertruck (of one which we have recently reviewed) and a 1/64th scale die-cast model, it is clear that the team over at Mattel is obsessed over Tesla’s futuristic electric utility truck. And it is not quite done with it yet.

The King Ocean Ken Merman Doll by Mattel: Barbie Signature’s First Mermaid Doll

Mermaid toys are not new, but this gotta be the first for the Barbie Signature line. The first Barbie Signature’s mermaid is, well, actually a merman. That’s right. Dear old Ken has picked up the trident (note: it does not actually come with a trident) and traded his legs for a fishtail.

Matchbox ’65 Land Rover Gen II Safari Die-cast Car Comes With Rock Terrain-formed Base And Coastal Diorama

If you are a super fan of Land Rover, then this is the one collectible you should not miss. What you see here is a re-creation of the Matchbox toy from 1966 of the Land Rover Gen II.