Have you heard? There’s going to be a Barbie movie. Yes. Barbie as in the world-famous doll. The idea for a Barbie feature film was born, believe it or not, 13 years ago in 2009. After some changes of hands on the rights, the movie eventually landed with Warner Bros. Pictures sometime in the 2010s and Margot Robbie was cast in the title role only in 2019.

Warner Bros. Pictures Barbie The Movie Teaser Trailer

It wasn’t until 2021 that the director (Greta Gerwig, director of Academy nominee Little Women) and co-writer (Noah Baumbach, director/writer/producer of Mistress America) were confirmed, and only in 2022, the rest of the cast was announced.

Filming started in March in England and wrapped up in July. Even then, no plot or synopsis was offered. So, we have absolutely no idea what the movie is about. But we have a few hints, starting with the recently posted Barbie The Movie Teaser Trailer which you can find embedded below.

Warner Bros. Pictures Barbie The Movie Teaser Trailer

In a Wikipedia entry, it was noted that several prominent actors will appear as “different variations of Barbie and Ken.” From the super short teaser clip, it film appears to be a docu movie. This notion is further strengthened, in my humble opinion, that there is the CEO of Mattel (played by Will Ferrell) in the film. Now, I am intrigued. Will be something like The LEGO Movie? Hmmm.

Anyways, skip ahead to the said teaser trailer. The movie is set to hit the theaters in the Summer of 2023.

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Images: Mattel/YouTube (Warner Bros. Pictures).

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