when you drive, where do you normally place your smartphone? on the dash, windscreen, or in the cupholder? not exactly the ideal spots, are they? Mountek has a better proposition: the Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount. as the product name implies, it is designed to mount into your car’s CD/DVD slot. a two-piece micro blade system expands inside the CD slot with a twist of the knob. the blade does not interfere with your CD slot’s operation (who uses CD these days anyway?) and when locked in place, it stays in place and is secure enough to survive even the bumpiest road. your smartphone or tablet is held on to the mount by a magnetic badge that adheres to the back of your device using a non-permanent adhesive. the badge is incredibly thin, at just 0.55mm, it should fit inside of a smartphone case, or on the inside of devices with removable battery cover.

but that’s not all. the Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount can also doubles as a handy desktop stand, a tripod mount and can be wedged into nearly all kinds of slot/groove such of those on the exterior of your car or your file cabinet. Mountek said that the mount is strong enough to hold any phone, most standalone GPS devices and even the iPad mini, though it is not recommended for use with a regular size iPad. the Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount is currently seeking funding via crowdfunding platform, INDIE GOGO and have since surpassed its set goal of $15,000 and so if you put down $25 for one, you will be expecting the product to be shipped this July. check out a pledge video below to learn more.

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