SONICable Charging Cable Will Charge Your Smartphone In Double Quick Time

Thanks to Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions, these days I find myself needing to charge my iPhone 6 Plus at least twice a day. The game is absolutely addictive and an absolute power-hungry one too. Anyways, the need to keep charging annoys me and since charging is unavoidable, the thing I hope is for a …

iStick Is A Flash Drive With Lightning Connector, Wants You To Skip The Cloud

with Apple devices, it promised a high tech approach to your connected life where your digital files are easily within reach, stashed away in the Cloud. alas, the promised of this digital Shangri-La is often hampered by inadequate radio’s reception and the risk of being ripped by hackers who are smarter than Apple’s engineers. that …

Lightning Rabbit Fabric-Wound Cables Review

there are Apple USB cables and there Apple-compatible USB cables that beckons to be show-offed and offers length practicality which the stock cables don’t. the Lightning Rabbit is one such cables which we are going to dive into today. you must be thinking: ‘a cable is a cable. they either work or they don’t. what’s …

Lightning Rabbit Fabric-Wound Cables

when you really think about it, cables seem like an afterthought. it was like, ‘so now we this awesome device, how do we charge it?’ and then, the cable was born and the result is a plasticky, frail but must-have accessory that turns out to be an eyesore too. we, like many other style-conscious geeks, made it an…

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

so you think plugging a USB flash drive is a hassle? how about a USB flash drive that doesn’t require any plugging in? sounds a little farfetched? not when you have the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive. actually we shouldn’t even be calling it a USB flash drive to begin with cos’ it doesn’t need the USB to start storing.

Mutator – keeps your iPhone completely silent

many iPhone users didn’t realize this: your iPhone is not completely silent even after you flicked the ring/silent switch. i learnt that through the hard way. years ago, i was in a court attendance which i have no business in and naturally, i got bored and decided to check on my phone which was on silent, but as i turned on the phone, the game that i didn’t quit from the last use kicked in

Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount

when you drive, where do you normally place your smartphone? on the dash, windscreen, or in the cupholder? not exactly the ideal spots, are they? Mountek has a better proposition: the Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount. as the product name implies, it is designed to mount into your car’s CD/DVD slot. a two-piece

The Orobis Transform – a Lightning and microUSB hybrid cable

Apple is not the reigning portable gadget maker and hence, we don’t depend on Lightning cable all the time. so if you are like most of us here that has the need for both the Apple Lightning cable and a microUSB cable (common among non-Apple devices), then The Orobis Transform should help

Eastern Collective Lightning and USB Cables

remember the beautiful Eastern Collective Textile iCables? well, it has been updated to include Apple’s new Lightning connector as well as micro and mini USB cables popular among Android devices (and they even have auxiliary cable for your media devices too). without doubt, they are a refreshing change to your usual