audio notifications on smartphone work just fine, that’s until you have to silent them or you happen to be in a noisy environment where you can’t hear a ding of it. while most Android handsets have LED light as an indication that you missed something or you have incoming messages, iPhone doesn’t (don’t ask why; it has something to do with Jobs), and hence the missed calls and delayed message reply or whatever. the solution? myLED, a tiny LED notifications for iPhone, designed to light up whenever you get an iOS notification so that you’ll be informed of the activity on your device without having to turn the screen on. myLED plugs into the phone’s audio jack and works in conjunction with a free app. the app allows you to set what you want to be notified of and define the flashing light patterns to go with each of the app’s notification.

however, there’s a con here: it will take up your handset headphone jack, so it would be awesome only if you are not using the jack for your audio enjoyment but then again, if you do use a headphone, i guess notifications wouldn’t be an issue at all cos’ you will be able to hear every bit of any notification coming in anyway. myLED was a successfully funded Kickstarter project which ended last December, but for those who missed it, you can still pre-order yours for $30 a pop. each myLED comes with a tiny clip for holding the LED to your earphones when you are not using it. check out a clip of the myLED in action below.

myLED via Damn Geeky

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