are there anyone other than us who thinks the current bicycle helmets looks a little too odd? well, if you are on the same page as us and think you have been putting up with that oddities for all your cycling life, then the Bern Allston Bicycle Helmet might just be what you are looking for. for starter, this bicycle helmet ain’t your typical pointy stuff that you have been donning on your head all this while, which is a good thing for non-conehead lovers. other features include sixteen airflow vents to keep your head cooler for a long period of time, Bern’s signature low profile fit, a lightweight and high-impact construction, a patented removable liner system, and an integrated visor.

the Bern Allston Bicycle Helmet comes in four different hues, including matte black, gloss white, matte grey, and matte neon green. seriously, it looks so awesome that we suspect that nobody would know that this is a helmet made specifically for cycling. ignore the stereotyping, get something that actually can protect your head effectively without burning it up and with absolute style. you can the Bern Allston Bicycle Helmet for $89.99 each. take a few more look to admire the beauty of this stylish cycling head gear in the gallery below.

Burn Unlimited via Cool Material

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  1. According to a US study in 2016, helmets cut the risks of severe traumatic brain injury by half, when riders suffer a brain injury. A study evaluated 30 bicycle helmets and only gave five stars, its highest safety rating, to four of the helmets. As well your post much helpful to know more. Thanks for sharing.

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