Belkin iPad Chef Stand + Stylus for iPad-using chefs

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(credit: Belkin) Belkin iPad Chef Stand + Stylus | US$39.99 |

even since the introduction of the first iPad, it has seen a wide variety of application including as an universal remote for luxury yacht and private aircraft, and among the many others. though we didn’t report any chef using it for recipes or cookbook reference but i am sure there are some who use their tablets for quick references on cooking methodology, and for that Belkin has a neat, purpose designed solution: the aptly named Chef Stand + Stylus. created especially for use in the kitchen, the stand props up the tablet with a choice of two different angles and the stylus provides a medium for you to interact with the tablet, less you accidentally doodle oil on your tablet.
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the stylus features a magnetic tip which can be used to wake up your iPad 2 and it even has its own handy stand. it is also nice to know that you can use the stand with the case on (i suppose it only applies to certain slim case), and the stand features a non-slip rubber base that should sit on your kitchen countertop firmly. the Belkin iPad Chef Stand + Stylus cost $39.99 a pop.

Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus via Freshpilot

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