Can a non-functioning toy Game Boy given by Burger King back the 2000 of any use? Of course, not. It was a dummy and on top of that, it was super tiny, but that doesn’t mean it can never ever – as proven by Redditor ChaseLambeth who, despite the tiny size of the said ‘Game Boy’, turned it into a functioning example. You read that right. A working example out of an original non-working example. Now, that’s something to marvel over, doesn’t it? While it may be small, the tiny size still has enough real estate to pack a Raspberry Pi Zero and a two-inch LCD display.

ChaseLambeth’s DIY Gameboy Color Nano

An emulator known as RetroPie was used to complete the functioning package, along with, of course, working buttons and all. I am not particularly fond of Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance (though I used to own the latter), but the notion of turning something that used to be a dummy into something that’s functioning is, admittedly, exciting. That plus the size there is just irresistibly cute. The completed device, which was aptly called Gameboy Color Nano, was posted on Reddit’s Raspberry Pi channel. You can take a look at the details at ChaseLambeth’s imgur gallery.

ChaseLambeth’s DIY Gameboy Color Nano

Images: ChaseLambeth.

via Kotaku

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