when you really think about it, cables seem like an afterthought. it was like, ‘so now we this awesome device, how do we charge it?’ and then, the cable was born and the result is a plasticky, frail but must-have accessory that turns out to be an eyesore too. we, like many other style-conscious geeks, made it an endeavor to hide those ugly black or white cables whenever we can, but with the Lightning Rabbit Fabric-Wound Cables, the days of hiding is officially over. much like the Eastern Collective items we have seen a while back, the Lightning Rabbit mixes technology with fabric to offer the much needed break in cable monotony and in the process, enhances both the aesthetic quality and durability.

Lightning Rabbit Fabric-Wound Cables

but the story doesn’t end with the fabric-wound cable; the folks behind this awesome cable went all-out and gave the 5ft long cables sleek, polished aluminum ends too, so now you have a truly complete package that not only charges and sync your devices, but one that begs for attention. the Lightning Rabbit Fabric-Wound Cable comes in three colorways: classy silver, blazing orange and royal purple, and is available to suit both old and new Apple connectors, as well as micro USB for most mobile devices. the cables are competitively priced, costing no more than Apple’s with both the 30-pin and micro USB going for $15 each, and the Lightning connector model goes for just 19 bucks a piece.

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