Thanks to Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions, these days I find myself needing to charge my iPhone 6 Plus at least twice a day. The game is absolutely addictive and an absolute power-hungry one too. Anyways, the need to keep charging annoys me and since charging is unavoidable, the thing I hope is for a charging device or cable that could charge at a faster rate. Well, I guess my wish has just been answered by an accessory called SONICable. Available for both Android and iPhone, this 1.2 meter long sync/charge cable can get your device topped in double quick time at a flick of a switch. Seamlessly integrated into the nylon fiber-wrapped cable is a switch (it resembles the remote on a pair of headphones) that when off, allows the cable to be sync for changing and syncing, but when switched on, focus all the power on charging.

SONICable Charging Cable for iPhone and Android
The ‘turbo charge’ switch resembles the remote found on headphones.

As far as the fast charging capability goes, that’s all we know. We are not sure if the little thing on the cable actually boost the amperage up to achieve the fast charging effect, which according to our understanding is what’s needed for quick charging. Regardless, that’s what SONICable charging cable promises. Obviously style is a big part of this cable with it wrapped in nylon-fiber that not only looks awesome but also prevents tangle. Aluminum was chosen as the connector’s casing for durability and of course, aesthetic. Perhaps, the other biggest draw about this cable is the USB end, which is actually a dual-sided USB. Meaning, it is reversible just like the Lightning Cable and will work regardless of which side it is plugged in.

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On paper, the SONICable sure sounds very promising and together with innovative products like the fast charging Petalite Flux, our gadget-filled world would be a more productive. If you are equally enamored by the product, you can pre-order yours on Indiegogo for $27 a pop, with target delivery in March 2015. Scroll down for a product pitch video to learn more.

SONICable Charging Cable for iPhone and Android
Here it is; the reversible USB connector that’s standard with all SONICable.

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