having doubts about the current temperature that your favorite smartphone app tells you? for an average person, that inaccuracy is probably something one could live with, but for those who demands real temperature reading, you really need to check out the Thermodo, a tiny electrical thermometer designed for your smartphone to accurately give you the temperature of the environment you are in. what makes Thermodo special is its size. this bit size sensor sports a standard 4-pole audio jack that plugs right into your mobile device’s headphone jack and in conjunction with a dedicated app, will give you the accurate temperature that weather apps can’t. well, unless that app’s meteorological station happens to be where you are. there’s no connectivity required. everything that are required to have for the precise number is on the Thermodo and its companion app (or any Thermodo-enabled apps). and when you are done with it, just unplugs it from your device and plug it into the included keyring so that you can always have Thermodo by your side. the team behind the Thermodo is Danish firm, Robocat and it has, like many others before them, brought this awesome invention to (very) popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, seeking your support to make this device a reality. to date, they have well surpassed their original funding goal of 35 grand. you can join the temperature taking fun by pledging $25 or more for a Thermodo black or white edition, but our poison would be the 39 bucks item that comes in a premium anodized aluminum. seriously, we are such a sucker for well designed piece of gadget and this is absolutely no exception. check out their pledge video below to learn more.

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Kickstarter via Uncrate

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