Eastern Collective Textile iCables

Eastern Collective Textile iCables: CROSS STRIPE COLLECTIVE CABLE
Eastern Collective Textile iCables | US$14.00 | www.easterncollective.com

after years of facing the all-white iDevices cable and charger, we are feeling kind of bored and let’s not mention how frail the cable can be. gosh. i must have broken at least five by now (and it’s always at the same part. duh.). the Eastern Collective Textile iCables might just be the cable that will minimize the white monotony and hopefully, will be a wee bit stronger but if it doesn’t, at least you get to face a beautifully woven textiles cable in between the usual (but still white) USB connector and the rumored-soon-to-be-gone Apple 30-pin connector. available in four colorways with each costing $14. i guess it is a small price to pay for breaking that awful monotony.

Eastern Collective via Uncrate

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