many iPhone users didn’t realize this: your iPhone is not completely silent even after you flicked the ring/silent switch. i learnt that through the hard way. years ago, i was in a court attendance which i have no business in and naturally, i got bored and decided to check on my phone which was on silent, but as i turned on the phone, the game that i didn’t quit from the last use kicked in with loud sound effects. as you could have imagined, i had a good stare from the presiding judge. it was a disaster. from then on, my handset will be shut down completely if there’s something important that requires absolute silent or anything that needs me to be free from any form of distractions, but as it turns out, there is a better solution out there and it is called the Mutator. so what’s the deal with a Mutator? well, it is a nifty accessory that plugs right into your iPhone’s headphone port and enables you to silent virtually any kind of sounds – from videos, apps, music, Siri, alerts, camera sounds, web audio et cetera – with just a simple twist. a twist – yes. when plugged in, it allows to you choose to silent or not to silent your phone so you don’t have unplug this pretty little pyramid contraption out.

however, there is a catch for this 13 bucks accessory: it will not silent manually set alarms and it most certainly won’t silent the phone ringer. for the latter, you will still have to rely on the good’ol Apple mute switch. moreover, if you have the habit of fiddling your phone setting, such as playing around with new ringtone or alert tone (when you are suppose to be paying attention), it will not able to keep that shut too. so beware of the limitation. other than those, the Mutator does make a great accessory for curbing those unnecessary “noise” from interrupting some of your life’s most precious and critical moments. err-hmm. guess we don’t need to elaborate what those “moments” are, do we? catch a high quality pledge video below to learn more.

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