remember the beautiful Eastern Collective Textile iCables? well, it has been updated to include Apple’s new Lightning connector as well as micro and mini USB cables popular among Android devices (and they even have auxiliary cable for your media devices too). without doubt, they are a refreshing change to your usual, monotonous black or white cables that should put you back on your individuality map. seriously, cable is just a cable but if you really think about it, it can be quite an eye sore and with the Eastern Collective Textile Lightning and USB cables’ rugged woven solution, an eye sore, they will never be. each cable is 3 feet long but if for length-hungry folks, there is also ‘XXL’ versions that doubles that the length to 6 feet. the new Eastern Collective Lightning and USB Cables are available in a variety of woven designs, including double stripe, cross stripe, zig zag, divisional and helix patterns. however, they don’t come quite as affordable as far as cables are concerned: the cables carry a sticker starting from $17.95 and up and if the ancient 30-pin is what you are after, they still have those in the these new attractive woven designs. check them out cos’ they are way too cool to ignore. really. a few more look in the gallery after the break – don’t miss this one too.

Eastern Collective via Cool Material

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