First and foremost, to avoid unnecessary disappointment and rage, you have to know that the Dogzilla figure you see here is not real. It is a concept design dreamed up by Taiwanese designer Noger Chen, otherwise known as Goodzilla, to mark the Lunar Year of the Dog. Yeah. I know, it is disappointing that it isn’t real. Also, knowing how sometimes licensing can cost, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it to happen now, or in the future. Noger just love designing and for this particular concept figure, he imagine this figure to feature a wagging tail because, dog.

Dogzilla Concept Figure for Lunar Year of the Dog
Chew it, Dogzilla!

Completing the Dogzilla Concept Figure for Year of the Dog are a miniature subway for dear Dogzilla to chew on (but you would have to remove the detachable tongue to do that) and a critter, complete with wheels for mobility as you would find in toys of such nature, presumably as monstrous fido’s main antagonist. Finally, a very Japan-ish blister card rounds up the imaginary collectible. Seriously, some one ought to make this a real thing. I mean, real thing as in a real vinyl figure or something, not real as a real kaiju because that would probably be a nightmare to everyone on Earth.

Dogzilla Concept Figure for Lunar Year of the Dog
Good boy, Dogzilla!
Dogzilla Concept Figure for Lunar Year of the Dog
Seriously, this ought to be a real collectible. Just look at the blister pack.

Images: Goodzilla/Noger Chen.

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