As if the Kombius Portable Stove isn’t compact and portable enough, By Arnaud has outdone itself with the FireTower Folding Rocket Stove. FireTower is a flat-pack stove that, when packed inside its cover bag, is no bigger than a small book.

By Arnaud FireTower Folding Rocket Stove

Crafted from stainless steel, FireTower Folding Rocket Stove unfolds and assembles into a fully functional mini stove complete with an angled side pipe for feeding biofuel, ash, and ash plate for keeping the hot stuff off the ground. Completing the setup is a burner grate for your pot or pan.

While it may look simple, the FireTower Folding Rocket Stove is actually engineered with natural airflow in mind. Speaking of airflow, it flows under the burning wood to result in hotter burning with less smoke.

By Arnaud FireTower Folding Rocket Stove

The stove does look good and all, but I am a little concerned about the stability in terms of accidental knocking over. I may be overthinking here, but the fact that there will be something heavier (such as a pan, for example, as demonstrated in the video) up top at some point, does make the small footprint stove a little precarious.

By Arnaud FireTower Folding Rocket Stove

But that’s just me. You know, always worrying about this and that. Anyhoo, like the Kombius, this presents an excellent solution to traveling light when heading into the great outdoors.

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Once again, By Arnaud has taken to Kickstarter to launch its newest product where a pledge of €59 or more (or about US$70 or more), you will secure yourself a Stainless Steel stove with a cover bag. If all goes as planned, i.e., the campaign gets funded, you can expect to see the stove at your doorstep something from April 2022.

All images courtesy of By Arnaud.

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