Petromax Double-walled Fire Kettle fk1

If saving time is your life priority and you also enjoy camping, then you really should know about the Petromax Fire Kettle fk1. Petromax is a German manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and this particular product really shines in saving time.

Petromax Double-walled Fire Kettle fk1

OK. May be not by a lot, but Petromax Fire Kettle fk1 does let you pull off two outdoor cooking related things in one go. Fire Kettle has a double-walled design and a hollow inside. It will let you boil water in minutes while also let you heat up/cook a small meal on top.

That’s right. The fk1 is a stove and a kettle. Very clever.

“While a crackling fire burns in the fire bowl, the heat of the fire goes up through the inside of the kettle. Thanks to the stack effect, the water inside the wall of the Fire Kettle is brought to the boil in few minutes. As soon as the water reaches the boiling point, the kettle emits an audible whistle.”

And yes, it also emits an audible whistle just like your home kettle.

Fire is set up in a bowl with three feet that elevates it from the ground. Burning is contained within the bowl and hence, eliminate forest fire hazard and also leaves no trace of fire behind when you leave. The feet also serve to ensure stability on virtually any kind of hard surfaces.

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Finally, by pushing the bowl upside down in the Fire Kettle, space is saved for easy transportation. The only caveat I see is, low productivity. The max volume of water is around 500 ml (0.5 Qt.). There was a larger capacity version, the fk2 (US$74.99), with 1.3 qt. (1,230 ml), but at the time of this post, it is out-of-stock.

If you are interested, the Petromax Fire Kettle fk1 can be had for US$64.99. It is available from

Images: Petromax.