These Cute Moustache and Lips Ping Pong Paddles Comes with Silence and Uncrushable Balls

Remember the super cool, doodlable coffee/ping pong coffee table hybrid? What’s the use of it when you don’t a couple of paddles to go with it, right? So here’s a pair made by the same folks, Huzi Design, to finally put that table to good use and it comes complete with balls that are silence […]

This Doodlable Ping Pong Coffee Table Will Make Your Living Room More Livelier

there are a lot of products out there that make us want to exclaim “shut up and take our money” and the Ping Pong Coffee Table by Huzi Design is one such objects. as the name proposed, it is a coffee table that doubles as a mini-size ping pong table to keep you entertained in […]