The Re-Ply Chair

The Re-Ply Chair
The Re-Ply Chair | from US$175.00 |

cardboard-based furniture is nothing new but most of them are merely for light duty use and honestly, though they are 100% recyclable, the product itself start its life as brand new cardboard, which we didn’t help very much in terms eco-friendliness but not with The Re-Ply Chair you see here. apart from its triangular base, the entire shell is made out of upcycled cardboard. the star component of this awesome chair, the shell, is the result of molding four layers of upcycled heavy duty corrugated fiberboard that were saved from the fate of being smashed and diced, through a patent pending process. after which it is crease and fold to form the shape you see here. completing the chair is a triangular steel base which the shell connects to via a pair of bolts, thus forming a pivot that affords the chair to have a comfortable rocking motion and accommodates to a variety of activities. as to whether the chair could stand up to the test of time and the abuse of an average human’s weight, you can be reassured that it will. its creator, Dan Goldstein, has a few Re-Ply lying around his home that have actually gone through six years of use and they are still going strong. we guess that pretty much sums up the durability side of things. some of our regular furniture don’t even last that long. Goldstein has taken the The Re-Ply Chair to Kickstarter where with a pledge of $175 or more, you could score yourself a hand numbered edition of the Re-Ply with a choice of blue or reflective metal base and a shell with the original cardboard graphics exposed or plain. hit the jump for a few more look and a pledge video.

Kickstarter via Minimalissimo

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