We do not know if the world’s fastest couch and the fastest dining table are still the fastest in their respective categories but I am pretty sure a trash can that peaks out at 63 mph (101 km/h) is the world’s fastest trash can even though it has not been adjudicated by Guinness World Records.

The World’s Fastest Trash Can by Chris Rollins

Science enthusiast, race car driver, and YouTuber Chris Rollins decided a slow trash can isn’t his thing and proceeded to modify his trash can into the world’s fastest trashcan. He set for himself three criteria. First, it has to be driven inside with the lid close, remain a functional trash can after doing the track duties, and finally, it has to be the world’s fastest.

I believe the fastest trashcan in the world is 43 mph set by Andy Jennings in the U.K. To achieve the goal, Chris custom a frame to install a 6.5 hp Honda clone engine that has been modified to produce 12 hp. Rollins’ driveable trashcan has a three-wheel, drift trike-style setup with go-kart wheels at the rear and a large bicycle wheel up front, steered by a bicycle handlebar. It has a disc brake at the rear to pull it to a stop.

The World’s Fastest Trash Can by Chris Rollins

After weeks of work, Chris brought it down to a raceway where he set the record of 63 mph in a trashcan. And when all is done. Rollins’ trashcan remains a functional trashcan.

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Images: YouTube (Chris Rollins).

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