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Oh, Look. Kim Kardashian Actually Have A Couple Of Louis Vuitton Trash Cans

Louis Vuitton makes a lot of other stuff in addition to the label’s staples like handbags. Apparently, it does waste bin that cost a heart-stopping $4,000 and also apparently, the Parisian fashion label also made these giant trash bins. At least, it appears to be the case accordingly socialite, reality TV star, sensational news maker, Kim Kardashian. Now, the thing is, I highly doubt LV actually made these rather run-of-the-mill looking bins. The reason being, if LV were to make these giant plastic bins, it probably won’t be in regular black, or blue. Continue reading Oh, Look. Kim Kardashian Actually Have A Couple Of Louis Vuitton Trash Cans

High-tech Bin Aims To Cultivate Bin-The-Trash Habit With Fun And Games

Why people choose to throw their trash everywhere on the streets is beyond me. I don’t know about you. I always feel strange if I were to dirty a place. Hell, I even clean up my table after eating in a public foodcourt. Anyways, for perpetual litter bugs, perhaps they just need a little encouragement/incentive to not to anyhow dump their trash as they move around the city, and for the rest of us who has some civic consciousness left in us, we can use a little visual entertainment to alleviate the boredom of putting trash in its rightful place. The TetraBIN, a brainchild of startup out of Urban-X, Sencity, is exactly the trash bin that will do the aforementioned. Continue reading High-tech Bin Aims To Cultivate Bin-The-Trash Habit With Fun And Games

RC Wheelie Bin AKA Trash Can Lets You Remotely Wheel It Out To The Roadside

When not turning regular vehicles into crazy fire-spewing machines, Colin Furze found himself creating something far less dangerous but no less weird. This time, he converted a trash can aka wheelie bin into one that can be remotely controlled so he don’t need to brave the frigid weather to put it at the roadside for the rubbish collector to be emptied. A rather brilliant DIY it maybe, but not necessary practical since what he did was transplanting an electric wheelchair into the bin which took away some usable space and that’s not to mention, the conversion also bumped up the weight (there are lead-acid batteries in there and so…). Continue reading RC Wheelie Bin AKA Trash Can Lets You Remotely Wheel It Out To The Roadside

Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan: collectables or collects trash?

Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan 544x468px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan | US$99.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

obviously, nobody likes trash, especially when it comes to emptying them. however we hate it, this is one of life’s necessary evil unless you have a household helper around. since it is unavoidable, why not trash your unwanted stuff into a cooler can? as much as we like the Pixel trashcan that we saw lately, we were totally sold when first laid our eyes on the Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan. Continue reading Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan: collectables or collects trash?

8-bit pixel trash can – holds your real world deletes

BrittLiv Pixel Trash Can 544x542px
(image credit: BrittLiv)

if all those high-resolution display is making you miss the pixelated 8-bit graphics, then this 8-bit look wooden trash can might just appeal to you. inspired by the paper pixel trash can, BrittLiv, a carpentry enthusiast, decided to make a real life pixel trash can out of wood and it turns out to be so gorgeous that we felt compelled to help spread the word. constructing a trash can out of wood is nothing new but for it to look like your beloved 8-bit graphics? priceless. if have the same aspiration, head on down to

BrittLiv Pixel Trash Can - lid on 600x600px BrittLiv Pixel Trash Can - lid off 600x600px BrittLiv Pixel Trash Can - view from the top (lid off) 600x600px

via Technobob

the Sensor can – trash can goes high tech

simplehuman - The Sensor Can(photo source: simplehuman.com)
simplehuman designs and manufactures sleek household wares such as trash can. yeah, trash can need not be monotonous looking object hidden away in some inconspicuous corner of your house. simplehuman takes the simple task of discarding trash a step further – introducing the sensor can. it is a trash can, but with a built-in advance sensor that senses your intention to use it, opens up and closes after you are done. no, you need not flip the lid or step on the paddle. the sensor can uses an adaptive sensor technology called multi-sense™ which syncs the can with your motion. what makes it so special is the sensor changes its sensing behavior to suit different situation. basically, the one sensor has 3 modes: the ready mode, the task mode and the stay-open mode.

in ready mode, there’s a focused space above the sensor (i.e. directly above the lid) known as the trigger zone, ready for you to throw your trash. the sensor in this mode does not ‘spill out’ of the front of the can, avoiding false triggering when people walks past the can. when an action of discarding moves over the sensor, the sensor changes to ‘task mode’ where the trigger zone extends and becomes more sensitive to activity. this mode prevents the can from closing on you (i mean your hand) while you are still discarding the trash (seriously, does it take so long to discard something?). time to clear the can? no worries. after more than 3 seconds of continual activity, the can switches to ‘stay-open mode’ where it stays open for 30-seconds, in the event that you turn your back to get a fresh liner – it stays open. very smart indeed.

asides from the multi-sense™ technology, the sensor can also incorporates feature such as odor removal, robust motor (for the lid), nylon discs under its based (gentle on your flooring) and custom extra strength fit liners, fingerprint-proof stainless steel exterior. the sensor can uses 6 x C-size batteries which can last up to a full year. for a handsome amount of US$225.00, you can add this 40 liter high-tech trash can to your growing list of high tech products in your house. i said ‘handsome’ because that’s quite an amount for trash can, regardless. i want one, but i suspect my wife wouldn’t let me have one.

visit simplehuman website.